A different first person shooter

Deathroned is a dynamic fps where you customize your spells to creatively face the fights it raises, alone, with friends, or against them.

First person shooter

A dynamic first person shooter, you can’t stop moving if you want to survive.

Build your spells

In deathroned you can customize your spells the way you want.

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In the palace of Kho-i-nor every time you enter the experience is  different. A magical palace that is constantly rebuilt to pose new challenges.

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Soon you will be able to put your creativity to work, with or against your friends.

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Combine Gestures and Verbs to create more than 60 spells.

Spells are the player’s form of expression, trying different combinations to face all kinds of situations. All Gestures and Verbs are combinable with each other, giving total freedom to the player.


It is the basis of spells, shapes and defines their behavior. Create big explosions, throw lightning or set traps.


Spell effects, add special features. Freeze enemies, gain attack speed or multiply shots.

Build your character

In addition to gestures and verbs in deathroned you can equip passive abilities called “perks”, and ultimate skills to give the last touch to your combat style

Face the palace

The palace will be rebuilt every time you enter the challenge. You will have to be quick to adapt to different situations.

In order to progress in Kho-i-noor, you will have to navigate in a procedurally generated world full of unknown yet familiar scenarios.

Play with your friends or against them.

Soon you wil be able to collaborate with your friends to face Dhayosh or fight spectacular battles against them. Who will create the best combination of spells to earn the victory?

Healer? DPS? Tank? Your verbs and gestures define you.

In Deathroned you will decide your role in the team from the spells you decide to create and the skills you equip.


Collaborate with your friends to face the palace

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Our Team

This proyect is being developed by the following amazing (at least some of them) humans

Cristian Barqueros Galea

3D Artist

Juan Francisco noseque

2D and 3D Artist

Carlos Mordillo

3D artist

Javier Perianes

VFX Artist

Antonio Villaescusa

Technical Game Designer

Enrique Gordillo Fernandez

Game Designer

Miguel Fonseca


Alba Vicente

3D Artist

Javier Pasquín

Composer and Producer