Tag: game programming

Development Bonds

My university studies have always been based on video games. Some time ago, I started a Degree of Video Game Development without even knowing what programming meant. What I truly wanted to learn was about game art. I then finished the degree with a moderate knowledge on programming, which proved to be insufficient once I…
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Making Fun Come to Life

Making a video game is an arduous task in which many systems and decisions must be reconsidered, and even frequently discarded. On top of that, this work comes from the constant interaction between teams as diverse as Design, Art, and Programming. The paths of the three departments intermingle much more intensely than one would imagine…
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The Game is Made as You Play

After working as a web programmer for the last several years, the change to coding video games has made me aware of some crucial differences between these two jobs. One of the main shifts I observed is in the moment of development where coding begins. One of my former bosses in the web development industry…
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